In response to the Covid19 virus

At Bloom, we offer ketamine infusions for Treatment Resistant Depression, anxiety, PTSD and suicidal thoughts.  Treatment Resistant means that traditional therapies haven’t been successful in relieving symptoms.  This distinction is important - people who come to see me have traveled a long road to get to Bloom.  For this reason, ketamine therapy is essential for those who need it.  I will continue taking patients.  Please read my website, and talk to your healthcare provider.  I am happy to speak with your mental health provider as well!

At Bloom, everything is cleaned and disinfected to hospital standards before and after every patient.  This includes the doorknobs, light switches, and other frequently used areas.  As always, I only see one person at a time – this is personal customized treatment.  I will take your temperature at the door, and ask you about symptoms of illness.  If you are having difficulties during this time, please don’t suffer in silence!  Give me a call and we will discuss your personal needs. If money is an issue, we can discuss that as well.

Continuing your therapy and Dr visits is important.  Ironically, that may be easier now than usual!  For people with mental health issues, social distancing is our super power! ; -)

I encourage you to reach out to your close circle of friends if you need help.  It’s been said many times – we are only as healthy as our most vulnerable members of society.  We truly are all connected.  If COVID19 has taught us anything, let it be this!

Take Care and Stay Healthy,

Beth Maki, CRNA

Owner, Bloom Neurotherapy