Research Articles and Media reports:

Local Photographer Discusses Mental Health in Current Exhibit - Winona Post 2020


Dissociation during Ketamine infusion- does it matter? - Lori Calabrese, MD 2018


Ketamine; Features of dissociation Study - Journal of Affective Disorders 2018


Ketamine appears to restore brain connections - NPR 2012 article

Prying open the Third Eye - Boulder news 2017 article


Ketamine offers hope to Vets with depression: Psychology Today 2019 article

2013 Study results: Antidepressant Effectiveness of Ketamine - Am Journal of Psychiatry article


2015 Study results: Ketamine for Rapid Reduction of Suicidal Ideation - Psychol Med 2015

Ketamine raises neuroplasticity in the nervous system - Scientific American 2019

Listening to Ketamine (a very comprehensive article) - Knowable magazine 2019

Can Ketamine treat depression? - The Doctors 2019 Video


Presentation of Research at Yale - Yale Univ 2012 Video

New Nasal Ketamine; What's Different from IV Ketamine? - The Verge 2019 article

Ketamine treats Major Depression:  Harvard Health Journal 2019 article

Experience Ketamine - Tonic 2017 video - (please watch this in its entirety)

The Concept of Booster Infusions - Klarisana 2017 video


Booze, Obesity and Depression in Winona County - Winona Post 2019 article

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