About me: a letter of introduction

 I have always been fascinated by the brain- how it works, how it heals, and why people behave the way they do.  I started my career out of nursing school in 1988 working in the Surgical Trauma ICU in Columbia SC.  As a level one trauma center we took care of the sickest patients in our region, many of whom were victims of motor vehicle accidents and violence.  As a young woman, I had a front row seat in observing and caring for people. Whole lives were forever changed through head trauma. The ten years I worked in the ICU laid the foundation for my career.  We learned what it means to work within a tight knit, inclusive group committed to each other and the patients in our care.  I am forever grateful!  This experience has shaped my career and standards for what it means to care for every aspect of our fellow human beings with attention, care and excellence.  


I trained in anesthesia from 1998-2001 at the University of New England in Portland, Maine.  While there I received the amazing opportunity to go work at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  For the next 12 years I was privileged to work in the Neurosurgery Department, participating in many "first time ever" procedures studying and healing the brain.  My favorite team there was in the MRI suite - once again, a small cohesive group committed to excellence.  What a thrill!  Images of the human brain are as exquisite as any artwork you have ever seen.  In 2013 I became interested in exploring the entire scope of CRNA practice, including working on my own as an independent practitioner, and I really liked that.  In 2017 I started to learn of ketamine therapy for treatment resistant depression, PTSD, anxiety and suicidality.  I was fascinated by this treatment modality, and new hope for clients whose mental health was not completely helped by traditional psychiatric means.  The irony is that I learned of ketamine through my own search for relief from depression spanning many decades, not through my CRNA practice.  Once I discovered I could use my CRNA skills to offer Ketamine, when the need is so great, I knew what I was going to do.


During the ma ny years I searched for help with depression and PTSD, I have left few stones unturned. I completed a 3 year apprenticeship in Traditional Herbal Medicine in October 2019. I have learned so much about how the plants can help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, sleeplessness, mental fog, and help me to stand in my power. The herbalist approach to healing is different from Western Medicine, it focuses on finding root cause and healing from the "inside out". This takes longer than what Western Medicine has to offer, but wholeness takes time. If you are willing to take that long journey, I'm happy to share what I have learned with you about the plants, and walk with you on the path to healing. When you are struggling with mental health issues, doing all the things we need to do can be overwhelming. Ketamine is not a cure, but it can be a critical, transformative step to wholeness. It can "push the reset button", allowing you to feel so much better so you can begin again with self care behaviors, engaging with others, participating in counseling, and thinking clearly. Maybe for the first time in years! Ketamine is a hopeful step toward a brighter future :). In January, I received ketamine infusions.  I went through the whole process, the same thing I ask of my clients.  I found a Dr. supportive of my choices, I got my records to Bloom, I was interviewed about my health by one of our CRNAs.  I prepared mentally for the infusions, and got a ride to and from.   I worked with my Dr. to investigate any physical reasons for depression, of which there can be many. (I don't require this)  I have changed my diet and am participating in self care every day.  I exercise.  I continue to use herbal medicine. After about a year, we decided that ketamine could help me.  During the first infusion, I had to laugh.  All my reading, research, conferences and consulting experts did little to inform me of what a ketamine infusion is like!  It is truly a mind changing experience.  I feel so much more qualified to help clients through infusions, including what to look out for and be aware of, stages of infusion, preparation, post series, etc.  Ketamine worked for me in taking my life to a higher level of appreciation.   By starting this clinic, engaging with my community, and working with passionate healers, I've rediscovered my purpose in life. Connection feeds the soul! I invite you to join with me, and lets see what we can do together.

Beth Maki, MSNA,CRNA,  traditional herbalist

Special Note: Many of the pictures I have used on this site are my own pictures taken here in Winona.  I have found Winona to be a healing place. It is beautiful, peaceful, and filled with wonderful creative people. The plant pictures I have used are healing plants.  This page shows Elderberry, growing in my back yard.  It is useful for boosting the immune system during winter and holding off colds and flu.  The Bloom logo is the purple coneflower, or Ecinachea Purpurea, also a supporter of the immune system, the foundation for health.  

Lending Library

As many seekers do, I have read a ton of self healing books over the years, and my bookshelves are full.  I bet yours are too!  I have started a free library in the office.  Take what resonates with you, and leave ones you would like to share.  Please share books that have helped you in some way, but no longer need.

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